Beauty Favorites: GOING FOR GOLD

I’m really trying to work on actually putting makeup on everyday! For those of you who know me well or are frequent customers, you know what I mean!!! I have been looking for a few new basic products to try and so far here are two I LOVE. xx KCM




This magic gold product can be applied as an eyeshadow or cheek highlighter, but it’s also great for the inner eye or used very lightly on the lip!

I’ve been using cream moisturizers on my skin my whole life, so trying a face oil was definitely different- but after reading the below review I gave it a try and now I too am addicted!!!

“This golden oil is more than a liquid moisturizer. We are all addicted. Made up of an aromatic blend of eleven essential oil derived from flowers and other botanicals, all known for their skin-soothing, softening and glow-giving properties. The extraordinary blend leaves your skin looking and feeling supple, radiant and hydrated. You only need a tiny bit – lasts a long time”

Here’s the link to try it:


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