Valentine’s Day Best Red Dresses

In honor of my favorite holiday I’m sharing some of my favorite red dresses and how to style them with black tights and ankle boots! xx





Black Handbag:

Black Boots:

Red Dress: *This one is sold out but here are some of my other favorites


Weekend Finds…

Zara has the most perfect boots right now and I couldn’t believe how comfortable the over the knee black boots were, they fit perfectly and retail for $89. No brainer…sold. The off-white boots were very stylish as well, but I know I will wear the black ones probably every week! So more fun finds…


Pearl Choker



OTK Boots:  Black boots


White boots: sold out online


Black jacket: ZARA: Perfect moto jacket and  Forever21 Moto JacketPeplum Jacket

Glossier: Makeup Of The Future

Has anyone tried Glossier … I think this might be the only makeup brand I will ever use in the future (ok there are a few MAC staples) but these products are unlike anything I have ever tried. Even guys comment on how much they like my makeup which has NEVER happened before.

The products took over two years to create and they really are perfect. I use the moisturizer, concealer and balm but I think the best product is the lipstick. There is nothing like this on the market. If you love matte lipstick that looks like something from a magazine or runway show you will love Glossier. xx












Heroes Among Us: Interview With A Surgical Oncologist

It has been my great privilege to encounter so many interesting people in my life, and  I always have these questions in my head that I wish I could ask them…so finally, I did!

My first series in this installment is an interview with one of the country’s top surgical oncologists. I hope you enjoy it!


  • Do people ever really change?
I don’t think they really do, unless they experience a life-altering might be a near death experience or another type of traumatic event but I really think it takes something of that magnitude to change someone.


  • What are your favorite qualities in a woman?
Intelligence, faith, character, compassion and definitely intrepidness


  • What was your best case?
Thankfully there have been several. I don’t think there is one that I could pinpoint, but I certainly think the best cases are those that you know will be a challenge- the surgery may be long, sometimes 6-8 hours and extremely complex, the disease has spread beyond a localized area- but once we get the patient through the operation, I know that if they can get through the chemotherapy/radiation regiment, which can be grueling but will work- we are optimistic about the outcome. These cases are hugely rewarding.


  • I hate to ask, but of course the follow up question, what was your worst case?
I think the worst cases are when we encounter frustrations in the course of the treatment, whether that be with a protocol or the course for treating the cancer-you’re doing everything you can to support the patient whether it’s trying to get their immune system to rally or support kidney or liver function and their system is just not coming around. Anytime you have to put the patient in a fragile position in order to cure the underlying disease and more unforeseen obstacles arise. Also, when we lose patients that are very young, that is the hardest to deal with, particularly two young girls who were patients of mine.


  • Are you similar to the person you were as a child?
Yes, I am very much the same person I was when I was younger. I always knew I wanted to help people and I’ve always had the same temperament. I’ve also always encountered the same challenge over and over in my life no matter what age I was or what stage of life I was in which is that people always mistake my kindness for weakness. It’s a pattern I’ve experienced since I was a child and that I still encounter today.


  • Do you have a life motto or philosophy ?
I really want to leave the world a better place and I’ve always wanted to impact the world in a big way. I know with my individual patients I treat-I can have a direct impact on their life and they go on to change other peoples’ lives and it’s a ripple effect, but I also want to impact a large number of people with medical breakthroughs which is what my research is focused on.


  • Best moment of your life?
Of course the birth of all my children and marriage is truly a special thing…and then there are the professional moments when we’ve had huge breakthroughs and discoveries

Beauty Favorites: GOING FOR GOLD

I’m really trying to work on actually putting makeup on everyday! For those of you who know me well or are frequent customers, you know what I mean!!! I have been looking for a few new basic products to try and so far here are two I LOVE. xx KCM




This magic gold product can be applied as an eyeshadow or cheek highlighter, but it’s also great for the inner eye or used very lightly on the lip!

I’ve been using cream moisturizers on my skin my whole life, so trying a face oil was definitely different- but after reading the below review I gave it a try and now I too am addicted!!!

“This golden oil is more than a liquid moisturizer. We are all addicted. Made up of an aromatic blend of eleven essential oil derived from flowers and other botanicals, all known for their skin-soothing, softening and glow-giving properties. The extraordinary blend leaves your skin looking and feeling supple, radiant and hydrated. You only need a tiny bit – lasts a long time”

Here’s the link to try it:



In our new blog series get to know someone inspiring, first up-Alyssa Light!

Alyssa has been one of our store models for the last year and it’s always a pleasure to work with her. Not only is she super talented, she is sweet and humble.

She has been singing for years and just released her own single now available on iTunes. Her Youtube videos have a total of 3.5 million views and close to 900,000 subscribers on Vine. Make sure to check out her profile -she has probably done a cover of one of your favorite songs and don’t be surprised if it’s better than the original!